Tips for Better Service

 Tips for better Service


 Whenever you correspond with this office to enable better Service please ensure that:-

    1) The address of this office is written properly.

    2) Your department, AG code no, section and unit in which your entitlement is regulated is mentioned.

    3) Both reporting and relieving CTC (with information mentioned in No.2 above) along with a covering letter, Specially while proceeding on / returning from leave.

    4) Along with CTC a copy of the order which necessitated the event is sent for prompt follow up.

    5) In case of Transfer involving change of Headquarters, HRA certificate in the prescribed proforma is sent

    6) Your pension papers are sent four months ahead of your retirement to avoid delay in finalization of pensioner’s benefits.

    7) Status of your long term advances 2 years prior to your retirement or immediately after completion of payment of principle is known   Address this office for exact amount interest to be paid two months prior to completion of payment of principle. Continue your recovery towards Interest after completion of principle to avoid payment of penal interest.  Ensure periodically your credits are accounted properly.

    8) For any correspondence you can fax your queries to fax No.22375872 along with details indicated (2) above.

    9) Whenever you visit this office for settlement of your claims,

        (1)  Contact the concerned Section for the status of the work or for documents required

        (2)  Copies of the documents related to the claim or query are bringing for taking immediate action.

              Rules by which the entitlement of gazetted officers / AIS officers  and dignitaries are regulated by gazetted entitlement section in the  office of the Principal Accountant General (A&E), Karnataka.


Part - I  for Gazetted officer of Karnataka Government: 

  1. Karnataka Civil Service Rules

  2. Karnataka Financial Code

  3. Karnataka Treasury Code

  4. Karnataka Civil Services (Probation) Rules- 1977

  5. Karnataka Civil Services (CCA) Rules-1957

  6. Karnataka Government Servants Medical Attendance Rules-1963

  7. Sanction of Stagnation Increments to Govt. servants (Govt. order)

  8. Sanction of regulating Special Increments for adopting Small Family Norms (Govt. order)

  9. Karnataka Civil Services (Services & Kannada Language Examination) Rules -1974

  10. Karnataka State Civil Service (Regulation of Pay, Promotion & Pension) Act -1973

  11. Karnataka State Civil Service (Regulation of Pay, Promotion & Pension) Rules -1978

  12. Karnataka Civil Services (Time Bound Advancement) Rules -1983

  13. Karnataka Civil Services (Automatic grant of Special Promotion to Sr. Scale of Pay) Rules - 1991

  14. Grant of Additional Increment to Government servants who continue in the same post for 20 years without a single promotion in the entire service (Govt. Order)

  15. Karnataka Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules - 1957

  16. Karnataka Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules - 1961

  17. Karnataka Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules - 1970

  18. Karnataka Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules - 1977

  19. Karnataka Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules - 1982

  20. Karnataka Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules - 1987

  21. Karnataka Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules -  1994

  22. Karnataka Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules – 1999

  23. Karnataka Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules – 200

Part - II All India Service Officer: 

  1. All India Service Manual - Part - I

  2. All India Service Manual - Part - II

  3. All India Service Manual - Part - III 

Part - III Other High Dignitaries: 

  1. The Karnataka Legislature Salaries, Pensions & Allowances Act-1956

  2. The Karnataka Ministers Salaries&  Allowances Act-1956

  3. The High Court Judges (Conditions of Service) Act-1954

  4. The High Court Judges (Conditions of Service) Rules - 1956

  5. The Karnataka Lokayukta Act - 1984

  6. The Karnataka Administrative Tribunal (Salaries, Allowances & Conditions of Chairman, Vice-chairman and Members) Rules - 1986

  7. Karnataka Public Service Commission Manual

  8. Karnataka Public Service Commission (Conditions of Service) Regulation - 1957