O/o the Principal Director of Commercial Audit
& Ex-Officio Member, Audit Board,Bangalore



Mr. Avinash K. Nilankar
Deputy Director(Reports)

Qualification: Bachealor of Engineering (Electronics & Communication)


Shri Avinash K. Nilankar belongs to 2011 batch of the Indian Audit & Accounts Service.

Shri. Avinash K. Nilankar is currently Deputy Director (Reports) in the office of the Principal Director (Commercial Audit) and Member, Audit Board, Bangalore. This office conducts audit of Public Sector Undertakings under Ministry of Defence.

In a career span of 07 years, he worked as Deputy Accountant General at various offices in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Shri. Avinash K. Nilankar is a badminton enthusiast, follows Cricket and likes to travel across places.