The Principal Accountant General (A&E) is responsible for:  

  • Compilation and Consolidation of Monthly accounts of expenditure and receipts on the basis of vouchers and schedules received from various treasuries, Government Commercial Undertakings, Public Works Divisions and Forest Divisions of the State and compiled accounts received from Departmental Officers vested with cheque drawing powers.  

  • Preparation of monthly Civil Accounts of the State and their rendition to the State Government. 

  • Preparation of the Annual Accounts viz., Finance Accounts, Appropriation Accounts and Accounts at a Glance and monthly Appropriation Accounts of the State Government and furnishing material for Central Finance Accounts to the Controller General of Accounts.  

  • Maintenance of Provident Fund accounts of State Government Employees, All India Service Officers (Karnataka Cadre) and Judges;  

  • Regulation of Pay and Allowances of Gazetted Officers, maintenance of their leave accounts;  

  • Verification of Pension Claims and issue of authorisations thereof, to State Government Employees including employees of Aided Institutions, allocated employees of Universities; authorisation of honorarium   to Freedom Fighters, Artists, Journalists etc;  

  • Maintenance of accounts of long-term advances granted to its employees by the Government of Karnataka (House Building Advances sanctioned up to 31.08.89); M.C.A and advances for purchase of computers.  

  • Authorisation of Payment to Religious and Charitable Institutions;  

  • Maintenance of accounts of Loans sanctioned by the Government of Karnataka to Municipalities, Corporations and Government Companies;  

  • Maintenance of accounts of Internal Debt, Loans and Advances from the Government of India; 

  • Maintenance of Deposit Accounts and Settlement of Inter-Government transactions.  

  • Reconciliation of accounting transactions with the departments of State Government.