Accounts at a Glance

Annual Finance Accounts

Finance Accounts present the accounts of receipts and outgoings of the Government for the year together with the financial results disclosed by the revenue and capital accounts, the accounts of the public debts and the liabilities and assets as worked out from the balances recorded in the accounts.

The Finance Accounts are prepared in two parts:

    Part I  :  Summarised statements in respect of :

  • Summary of transactions
  • Capital outlay – Progressive capital outlayFinancial results of Major and Medium Irrigation works.
  • Debt position.
  • Loans and advances by the State Government.
  • Guarantees given by the Government.
  • Cash balances and investments of cash balances.
  • Summary of Balances under Consolidated Fund, Contingency Fund & Public Account

    Part II  :   Detailed accounts and other statements  -

    A. Revenue and Expenditure

  • Statement of Revenue and Expenditure as a percentage  of TotalRevenue/Total Expenditure.
  • Statement showing the distribution between charged and voted expenditure.
  • Detailed account of revenue by minor heads
  • Detailed account of expenditure by minor heads
  • Details of Capital expenditure during and to the end of the year.
  • Details of the investments of the Government in Statutory Corporations, etc.
  • Statement showing the capital and other expenditure to the end of the year with principal sources from which funds were provided for that expenditure.

B.     Debt, Contingency Fund and Public Account

  • Detailed Statement of receipts, disbursements and balances under heads of Account relating  to Debt, Contingency Fund and Public Account. 
  • Detailed statement of Debt and other interest bearing obligations of Government.
  • Detailed statement of Loans and Advances made by the Government.
  • Statement showing the details of earmarked balances.